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Welcome to the premier expatriate website for comparing international health insurance in Thailand and the best way to save, save, save.

Getting international health insurance in Thailand has never been this easy and now with the special offers that NowCompare has, international health insurance has never been this cheap.

In the past the cost of international health insurance has been high for Thailand expatriates, however, NowCompare has changed all of that with the online comparison system.

For many years, the cost of international health insurance increased and increased and it seemed as if the premiums would spiral out of control but this has been stopped by NowCompare.

Infact, not only has NowCompare brought an end to the ever increasing premiums but they have actually caused the cost of international health insurance to lower.

This lowering of costs has been brought about by providing the international health insurance companies with a platform to showcase all of the products which in turn has increased competition and as a consequence lowered the prices.

The international coverage included on NowCompare is essentially an Expat Health Insurance plan which means that expatriates will have a policy that provides a tailored approach to their medical needs.

This can be different from many local Health Insurance Thailand which will not always allow expatriates to receive the medical care in private facilities.

To get Expat Health Insurance Thailand take a minute to look around all of the plans listed within NowCompare and find out how much you can save.

Whatever your budget you will be able to implement the best Health Insurance Bangkok for you and have the cover tailored to what your needs are.

International Health Insurance :    Expatriates

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