Best Health Insurance Companies and Profiles

Apr 12, 2019

Best Health Insurance Companies and Profiles

In our advance times, insurance has taken its positions as a billion dollar industry that never fails due to its importance in the lives of many. As more and more companies pop up within our market today, it has been said that they all compete for top place among each other providing quality protection and good services. To lay out the facts, here are the top health companies and profiles.

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First, it would be The National Insurance Co. Ltd. This company serves the needs of several businesses in India. With a total of 180 insurance plans, this company can guarantee their clients their financial securities by the many bonds they hold with various commercial banks, non-banking financial institutions, automobile manufacturers, NGOs and government agencies.

Next, SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd which has a venture with the State Bank of India and Cardiff SA of France. Standing as the largest of all banks in India, there are about 14,000 SBI groups of network branches around the world.

Following that is Aetna Life Insurance Co. Ltd. This is one of the most active health insurance companies in the US. Covering about 15 million individuals and 13 million dental plan members, with 10 million pharmacy members, Aetna offers a broad range of traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products along with related services as well as medical management capabilities and health care management services for Medicaid plans.

Then comes CIGNA Corporation which is the top health insurance provider in the US which offers health coverage in the form of dental, vision, pharmacy, and behavioral health. Also, this multinational company has managed to build its name internationally around Asia, European Union, and Chile. Subsequently, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated has also made it far as it's known as the second largest insurance provider and it specializes in dental and vision care.

In conclusion, the health insurance industry is a competitive one but a successful one nevertheless. It can be said that as time progresses, there would be more and more companies building up.


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