Arranging Hong Kong Maternity Insurance

Apr 12, 2019

Arranging Hong Kong Maternity Insurance

Maternity insurance is one of the most popular insurance plans for the expat community and NowCompare allows visitors to compare maternity cover online along with the prices and benefits whilst reviewing how other expats have rated and what they have commented about specific pregnancy insurance policies.

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To understand the need for maternity insurance in Hong Kong, it is first important to know what should be included in the policy.  One of the most important sections of maternity cover is called "complications of pregnancy".  This provides emergency treatment for mother and child in the event of an emergency requiring an obstetric procedure.  Make sure that this has a high level of cover as if required the costs can be expensive.

Following this, there is maternity cover for the routine costs of pregnancy.  This should include pre-natal, post natal and delivery costs.  In Hong Kong the average cost of routine maternity is US$12,000 all in for an expat and insurance for pregnancy can range dramatically from well below this to full cover.

When arranging maternity insurance in Hong Kong expats should also be aware of the terms and conditions of coverage and should specifically look at the following areas and ask the following questions:

What is the waiting period for conception and treatment under the maternity insurance cover?

What are the internal pregnancy limits of cover?

What cover is available for a newborn?

Does the maternity insurance cover for congenital or hereditary conditions?

Does the maternity coverage have a co-insurance?



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