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Welcome to the World's premier provider of expat medical insurance and the most visited international insurance broker website globally.

As the number 1 expat medical insurance website, NowCompare has built a solid reputation within the international community for providing a comprehensive comparison of all of the top providers and for following up with first rate customer services.

One of the first things people think about when it comes to expat health insurance is the cost and it has for some time been presumed to be an expensive but it does not need to be.  Infact, through NowCompare, these costs have been comeing down with each year that passes.

Also known as international health insurance, this expatriate coverage is essential for those that are living outside of their home country and includes higher levels of coverage and service that expats need when they are living and working overseas.

One of the most important things about expat medical is the international insurance element of the plans which is also a reason that many expatriates decide that these products are more suitable for their lifestyle and their chosen environment.

If you need visitor health insurance then get your quotes from NowCompare and make significant savings on your expat medical insurance.