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"What is Health Insurance Coverage" looks at plans that have been specifically tailored for the expatriate market.

Within the NowCompare health insurance glossary, Expatriate is defined as "a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing or legal residence"

In is estimated that their are 100 million high net worth expats around the World that may require an expat health insurance policy which is also known as International Private Medical Insurance or Global Health Insurance.

International Health insurance for expats has been tailored specifically for the expat market and recognises that they require a different type of health insurance plan when they are outside of their home country.

Some key elements of the expatriate lifestyle has led to some very significant benefit alterations within the expat health insurance plan.

These include:

1) Expats will often travel and will be part of a globally mobile workforce

2) Expats do not often receive subsidized health care when they are living overseas which is something that their local counterparts may receive.

3)  Expats may be used to a different level of health care than that of which is made available within the public system of the country they are located in.

4)  Expats may wish to choose to have treatment in a country other than the one they are located in.

5)  Expats will rarely stay in the country they purchase the cover in for the rest of their lives.