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If you are looking for health insurance with maternity coverage their are a number of things you need to know before you make a decision.  NowCompare examines some of the important aspects of maternity insurance in more detail:

Waiting Periods

Health insurance with maternity coverage is often subject to a waiting period.  This means that their is an initial amount of time from when the policy starts that no claims can be made.  This is actually one of the most complicated aspects of maternity cover as health insurance companies can do this in different ways which include a waiting period for treatment or a waiting period for conception.

A waiting period for treatment means that the health insurance company will only pay claims for treatment received after a specified amount of time whereas conception waiting period means that the health insurance will only cover claims if the date of conception (the date you get pregnant) is after the initial specified period.

Policy Limits

In the main you will find that health insurance plans with maternity cover will impose a benefit limit that can be claimed for and that this will be split into two areas.  First of all their is complications to pregnancy which is often up to the overall policy limit and covers in the event of an emergency where mother or child require medical care.  Secondly, routine maternity cover will include cover for prenatal, routine delivery and post natal costs.  Routine maternity cover is the most frequently used part of pregnancy insurance, hence the limitation.  In Hong Kong the average cost of routine maternity at a private hospital is around US$12,500 so make sure you have the appropriate level of cover to suit your needs.

Co-Insurance or Deductible

Maternity insurance can often include an excess, co-insurance or deductible.  This is because many people that take maternity insurance intend to use it and have claims paid by the health insurance company.  By implementing one of these policy restrictions, the health insurance company can reduce their costs and incentivize the insured person not to take the most expensive treatment.

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