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International health insurance is a type of medical cover that has been specifically tailored and developed for the expatriate market and recognises their need for a global health insurance cover.

In adition to providing a higher level of cover over and above many local Hong Kong health insurance policies, International plans also allow expats to receive treatment in the medical facility of their choice anywhere in the World.

With the mobility of the expat community, it is also important that the international health insurance plans allow for a global transferability so that the cover can follow the insured person as they move abroad even if they get a medical condition whilst covered under the plan.

Today, expat health insurance policies continue to develop and recognise the needs of expats with the inclusion of evacuation and repatriation benefits and the development of additional global services such as 24 hour emergency assistance and global blood programs so that insured members can have access to safe blood supplies when they may not be available locally.