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Expat insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that provides international benefits to people that are living and working outside of their usual country of residence.

Hong Kong expats have different interests in general to local Hong Kong nationals, however, when it comes to medical insurance in Hong Kong, Hong Kong expats have very specific needs which can not be catered for on a local Hong Kong health insurance plan.

To start with, the medical care that Hong Kong expats receive would be more expensive than the medical care received by a local national as Hong Kong expats do not get the same citizen subsidies.  This means that Hong Kong expats need a more comprehensive medical insurance in Hong Kong to cover the increased medical insurance costs that they may face.

In addition, Hong Kong expats are living in a globally mobile environment which means that they may need to mover around the World or may return home at some point.  To reflect this lifestyle, expat insurance allows for global transferability and also allows expats to receive their medical care in the country of their choice.

This global mobility is why expat insurance is also know as international medical insurance as it fits within these specific needs of the Hong Kong expat community.