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International Insurance:  Medical Coverage

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International medical insurance gives Hong Kong expats higher benefits and coverage than they would normally get under a Hong Kong health insurance plan.  

Hong Kong health insurance plans can include an upper overall health insurance plan limit of US$20,000 whereas the medical coverage on an international health insurance plan can be millions of US dollars or in some cases the medical coverage can be unlimited.

The overall limit of medical coverage on an international health insurance plan is not the only area of difference, the internal health insurance benefits of international health insurance are also very much higher and will not normally include things such as room and board limits or limitations on the number of gp visits an insured person can take in a year.

It is also worth noting that although the international health insurance plans tend to have richer medical coverage, they do also often cost more than the Hong Kong health insurance counterparts that are available on the market.

Expatriates can control or reduce these costs by comparing the international health insurance market through NowCompare.