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Hong Kong expats wanting to find the best international health insurance have a number of ways of of doing this.  They can either find international health insurance companies themselves with Google being a good place to start, they can use an online comparison website or they can enlist the services of an expat health insurance broker.

International health insurance brokers are quite specialist as they will deal with and have certain knowledge and experience with expatriate insurance plans.  In the main these plans will be international health insurance.

These insurance brokers are quite often staffed by expatriates themselves and will provide valuable insurance broker services to Hong Kong expats.

One important thing that Hong Kong expats should remember is that Hong Kong insurance brokers are regulated.  Hong Kong expats should check to see if the insurance broker they are dealing with to help them find health insurance is a registered broker with either the confederation of insurance brokers or the Professional Insurance Brokers Association.

Being a member of one of these insurance broker associations also will provide Hong Kong expats with some security and protection regarding the international health insurance information they receive.

The best insurance brokers in Hong Kong will work with a wide range of international insurance companies.  This makes insurance brokers in Hong Kong different to agents in Hong Kong in that insurance brokers can work with more than 4 international health insurance companies whereas an agent can not.