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Hong Kong expats are the primary target market for international private medical insurance companies and in the main expats are the ones that will most often arrange international health insurance.

This is why international insurance is also known as expat health insurance, although today along with expats many high net worth local Hong Kong nationals will also arrange international health insurance.

Expat health insurance simply put helps expats protect their health and the financial wellbeing by giving them an international insurance coverage that covers the cost of health care costs.  Expat health insurance is specifically important for Hong Kong expats as it has a policy limit that is very much higher than a Hong Kong health insurance which means that expats will not find themselves in the predicament of having to pay their own bills.

As the original name of international insurance suggests, international health insurance will operate and be useful beyond the normal geographic borders of the expats current country of residence.  Infact most international health insurance plans will provide expats with cover anywhere in the World and will allow expats to choose where in the World they actually recieve their medical treatment.

In the past, international insurance has been thought to be quite expensive and historically this has been quite true, but today many Hong Kong expats can bring down the overall cost of their expat health insurance by simply comparing the health insurance market.