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International health insurance is a specific type of health insurance coverage that is aimed at providing the expat market with a comprehensive health insurance plan that matches their lifestyle.

Many expats will be living and working around the World in a globally mobile environment, with some of these environments not provding adequate healthcare or healthcare that matches that of which the expat might be used to.

This has led to the development of a health insurance plan for expatriates known either as international health insurance, expat health insurance or international private medical insurance.

What is unique about these international health insurance plans is that they allow expatriates to receive their medical care around the World in the medical facility of their choice.

International health insurance also provides expats with a level of cover for the health insurance benefits that would be considerably higher than a normal Hong Kong health insurance benefit level.

Finally, with the health insurance services, Hong Kong expats would likely be able to receive a superior level of health insurance services such as 24 hour medical assistance and also evacuations and repatriation.

When it comes to the cost of international health insurance, expats can expect to pay more for the international insurance than they might for a local Hong Kong health insurance, however, with NowCompare Hong Kong expats will be able to reduce the cost of their international insurance with the special offers and discounts that have been arranged.