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When it come to health insurance in Hong Kong their are a number of different types of healthcare insurance plans in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong expats should be well aware of the international health insurance plans available to them but the Hong Kong health insurance coverage is often misunderstood.

NowCompare does not recommend the Hong Kong health insurance cover to expatriates as they will find that it does not provide them with the adequate protection that they need as an expatriate.

Hong Kong expats are not in the same position as local Hong Kong nationals when it comes to their health care.

For a start, they will be used to a different level or style of healthcare treatment and therefore often want to visit an international healthcare facility rather than the public medical facility in the country where they are residing. Also, expats in Hong Kong are not elidgable to receive the same reduced cost healthcare treatment that Hong Kong locals may get.

What this means on the whole is that Hong Kong expatriates will want to have a fuller or richer health insurance benefit in place whilst they are staying in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong expats will want to make sure that not only can they visit private hospitals in Hong Kong but also that they can elect to have planned treatment in a medical facility of their choice no matter where it is in the World.