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Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Types of Health Insurance

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The types of health insurance available to people in Hong Kong is a varied as the residents are diversified.  The industry itself has developed considerably over time and with the openess of the regulations and the ability for health insurance companies to operate openly, Hong Kong has become a location that many different types of health care plans are launched.

Here are some of the typical types of health insurance available:

Local Hong Kong Health Insurance

The local plans are typically administered by locally admitted health insurance companies and are really meant for Hong Kong local nationals.  One of the most distinctive characteristics of the local plans are the overall limits of cover.  

The benefit levels with local coverage tends to be lower than most are used to and are specifically for those that can receive government subsidized health care.

If you are a Hong Kong expat, be careful with these plans as they will not be sufficient coverage for either the internal limits or the overall policy limit.

In many cases some sections are not included like maternity or emergency assistance.

Global Medical Insurance

The international insurance market was initially put together for the global expat market and although they are popular with Hong Kong expats, they are also popular with many of the Hong Kong permanent residents.