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Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Making Claims

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As a Hong Kong expat with international private medical insurance, you may have a number of ways to make a claim against your policy.

The correct method of making a claim will depend upon what the claim is for and which health insurance company you are insured by.  Let's take a look at some of the most common ways that an expat in Hong Kong can submit a claim.

Emergency Treatment:  If you need emergency treatment, you will probably not have time to do anything.  What is important is that someone contacts the insurance company.  You may not be able to do this yourself in the event of an emergency so it is best to carry you health insurance membership card with you so that someone else can easily find it and contact the insurer.

It is likely that one the health insurance company has been contacted that they will be able to supervise your treatment and costs and will like have the bills sent to them directly.

Elective Inpatient Treatment:  If you are going to be admitted into hospital you should get in contact with the insurance company as soon as possible.  They will likely be able to get in direct contact with the medical facility and issue what is known as a guarantee of payment.  This guarantee of payment will mean that you do not need to pay the bills yourself and all you will need to do is turn up to the facility and receive your treatment.

Outpatient Direct Settlement:  Some health insurance companies will have organised a direct settlement network on behalf of their clients.  What this means is that if you do need to go to the doctors and the doctors that you want to visit is in the network, you can show them your health insurance membership card and again the medical facility will charge the health insurance company directly.

Outpatient Pay & Claim:  If you do not go to a network medical facility then you will need to pay and claim.  This is normally quite simple.  Fill out the insurance company's claim form and send it to them with the receipts.  They will re-imburse the costs to you.  Remember not to delay sending as companies will often have a time limit around 6 months.