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When you are an expat in Hong Kong you will face many difficult choices regarding your finances and how you protect yourself and your families health.

It can be confusing deciding between the different types of health insurance in Hong Kong and the descriptions made about the types of cover are not always clear.

The main choice is whether you want to take a Hong Kong health insurance or an international health insurance.  Let us take a look at the specific characteristics of each of these health insurance plans.

First of all, local Hong Kong health insurance is really only meant for Hong Kong local nationals.  It recognises the lifestyle of local nationals and that they do actually have some kind of governement protection through public hospitals which will be subsidized for them.  This protection is not provided to expats, therefore Hong Kong expats do require something a little bit more comprehensive.

This requirement for comprehensive health care coverage is where the international health insurance plans come in.

International health insurance has been developed by international private medical insurance companies for the expatriate market.  The expatriate market in Hong Kong, not being entitled to receive the same benefits of subsidized health care that locals get, really do need higher benefit levels.

Ultimately this means that the international health insurance for expats will have very high benefits for the overall policy and the internal limits will either be full cover or near enough.

Expat health insurance also has a few added value benefits such as the ability to be globally transferable.  Another great feature of the expat insurance is that the expats that are covered can choose to receive their treatment internationally.