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Health Insurance and Benefits:  Oncology

Most international health insurance plans will have a separate benefit section for oncology due to the fact that the healthcare you receive can span across a number of benefit areas including inpatient cover, outpatient cover and surgical cover.

The term oncology is often misunderstood by many health insurance layman, but simply put; it is a health insurance benefit for the treatment and management of cancer and tumours.

Within our online glossary, we have defined oncology as "treatment associated with tumours such as diagnostic tests, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other hospital fees associated with the treatment of cancer."

You will also find that most international health insurance companies offer high benefit limits for this coverage if not full cover upto the overall policy amount.  This is important as the treatment of cancer and tumours can be very costly and out of the high cost causes of illnesses, it is one of the most frequently claimed.

If an insured person does make claims under this health insurance benefit then they should be careful not to let the cover lapse and ensure that they continue to renew their health insurance cover each year.  This is because the rate of reocurrence or secondary spread of cancer can be high.

Due to the fact that secondary or reocurrences of cancer are frequent, health insurers will often check the previous medical history of the insured person to make sure that it is not a pre-existing medical condition before making a payment under the the oncology health insurance benefit.