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Maternity insurance is one of the most popular types of medical cover for expats when they are looking to put in place an international health insurance plan.

Within the health insurance benefits Maternity cover is often separated into it own benefit section, however; it does contain elements of inpatient coveroutpatient cover and health checks.

When you are looking for Maternity Insurance the first thing to note is that the benefit limits do differ greatly between the international insurance and the Hong Kong health insurance.

Here some important things to think about when you are deciding on who is the best health insurance company for you:

Does the Maternity Insurance include cover for complications to pregnancy and is this separated away from routine pregnancy with higher benefit levels?

Does the Maternity Insurance include cover for pre-natal, post-natal and delivery costs?

What is the position of the insurance company regarding New Born Cover?

What is the overal benefit limit on the maternity insurance for the routine pregnancy costs and are these sufficient for the total pregnancy?

Does the Maternity Insurance have a co-insurance contained within it?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about maternity insurance by the expat community.  If you have any doubts or want to get some health insurance advice, then you should contact NowCompare to speak to a specialist Hong Kong Insurance Broker.