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Health Insurance and Benefits:  Inpatient

Inpatient cover is a health insurance benefit that provides for the costs of hospitalization other known as being admitted into a medical facility.  

With advances in medical care, this is not always or even often overnight and inpatient health insurance benefits will normally include coverage for daypatient admittance and sometimes within this benefit outpatient surgery.

The NowCompare online health insurance glossary defines inpatient as "treatment in a hospital / clinic where an overnight stay is medically necessary" however, as we can see from our analysis of this health insurance benefit, the actual coverage provided within the health insurance plan will often be broader.

In comparison to the outpatient health benefit section of the policy, inpatient is rarely claimed upon as people are not frequently admitted into hospital, however, when a claim is submitted under this health insurance benefit the costs will often be much higher that that of other general health insurance benefits.

With international health cover, hospital plans will often be classed as full cover up to the overall policy limit with the only restirctions being placed with a discount if the insured person wishes to reduce to the use of a specified medical network or a reduced level of comfort such as changing a health insurance plan from private health insurance to semi-private health insurance.

Their are, however, some health insurance plans that will put in place policy limits for separate health insurance benefits within the hospital cover.  Benefits limits can include for daily room and board and surgical fees among others.