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Health Insurance and Benefits: Evacuation

Within international private health insurance plans it is quite common to include health insurance benefits for evacuation or repatriation.  These benefits reflect the requirements of the expat community and the fact that they will be located outside of their country of citizenship and may be in a location that does not provide adequate health care.

With most health insurance benefits, the cover provided will be for medical conditions requiring inpatient admission only.  The NowCompare Glossary defines evacuation as "the transportation of an insured person to the nearest appropriate medical facility"

The actual health insurance benefits for evacuation will often expand upon this definition for example"

Evacuation:  The cost of transporting an insured person (and one other relative/colleague to travel as escort) to the nearest appropriate medical facility for treatment of and accident or medical condition within the insured persons area of cover which, in the opion of the appointed doctor, cannot be treated adequately locally or at the place of incident.  The method of transportation shall be the decision of the assistance company.

Following Evacuation:  Hotel accommodation for escort and insured person when required pre and post hospitalization.

Return airflight for the insured person and their escort.