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Health Insurance and Benefits: Dental

When examining health insurance and the benefits offered by health insurance companies, dental treatment is often overlooked.  For emergency dental treatment received for the immediate relief of pain, these are often found withing the inpatient section of a health insurance benefits table.  It is, however, important to note that additional dental benefits can be found with the health insurance plan for such things as routine dental treatment and major dental treatment.

When talking with many recipients of health insurance cover it seems that the additional dental benefits are not that popular and it perceived by them often just to be a money swapping excercise.  This is often true as the cost of having the dental benefit can sometimes be higher that the cover actually received.

Again, like other health insurance benefits, there are significant differences between the international health insurance plan and the local Hong Kong health insurance and those differences are in cost and level of cover.

Typically, what you will find included with the health insurance benefits for routine dental treatment are:


Tooth cleaning

Normal Composite fillings


Whereas the health insurance benefit for major dental tends to include:

Removal of impacted, buried or enerupted teeth

Removal of roots

Root canal treatment

Removal of solid odontomes


New or repair of bridge work

New or repair of crowns

New or repair of dentures