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Expat Health Insurance Companies:  Zurich Medical Insurance

Zurich Medical Insurance is a high end benefit plan launched by Zurich International and managed by GlobalHealth Asia.

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The Zurich Medical Insurance plan is a high end benefit cover that was originally launched for high net worth individuals in Hong Kong but has since become one of the most popular choices for the expatriate community.

Zurich Medical Insurance has found a a real niche in the health insurance market by offering a hybrid type of cover between international insurance and the local type of health insurance in Hong Kong.

First of all, Zurich Medical Insurance is a very much more affordable health insurance than the traditional global medical insurance covers, in many cases reducing the cost of health insurance by around 50%. 

Zurich Medical Insurance has done this by offering a more conservative approach to the benefit limits; for example, the inpatient cover has a daily room and board amount and the outpatient cover also has a overall annual limit.  Zurich Medical Insurance has also not included any maternity insurance within their plans which can often be a major cost for health insurance companies.

Zurich Medical Insurance is managed and administered by GlobalHealth Asia in Hong Kong.  This has brought a number of advantages to Zurich Medical Insurance because of the experience that GlobalHealth Asia has built up over the many years managing international health insurance from Hong Kong.  This experience has brought them an medical network throughout Asia and the ability to provide quality health insurance services including claims and assistance management.