Compare Expat Health Insurance


Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Hong Kong Health Insurance Benefits
Section 3: Hong Kong Health Insurance Services
Section 4: International Health Insurance Benefits
Section 5: Health Insurance Premiums
Section 6: Conclusion

Whether a company has implemented a local health insurance plan, an international health insurance plan or both, 2010 sees impressive and innovative developments being included within the standard terms and conditions for those that incorporate into their standard requirements.

Increased and additional benefits, member oriented services and premium discounts are now available to all companies large and small, and insurance companies continue to listen to the market and try to discover new ways of differentiating themselves from their competition.

About Alliance Insurance Services:

Alliance Insurance Services Limited is a leading insurance broker head quartered in Hong Kong and a registered member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA).

As an independent specialist broker of employee medical and life insurance, Alliance Insurance Services is able to help its corporate clients receive the highest levels of cover and service at the lowest premiums.

With every member of the client relations team having a minimum of 15 years experience, being IIQE qualified and by focusing on commercial medical and life insurance, Alliance is able to obtain premium discounts and service guarantees from the insurance market that would be otherwise unavailable.

Whilst many organizations talk about customer service and 'quality management', a total commitment to service pervades the entire fabric of Alliance.  Expenditure on training and staff development is well above the national average. These facets help to promote the highest levels of internal team motivation ensuring that the client receives a level of service that is truly 'second to none'.

Client documentation is dispatched same day, correspondence is responded to within 24 hours and every corporate client of Alliance is provided with a dedicated Client Services Manager to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction is maintained.