Compare Expat Health Insurance


Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Hong Kong Health Insurance Benefits
Section 3: Hong Kong Health Insurance Services
Section 4: International Health Insurance Benefits
Section 5: Health Insurance Premiums
Section 6: Conclusion

With local health insurance providers demonstrating similar abilities in matching a company’s existing benefit schedule, many have found service provision as a key area to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Certainly 2009 brought with it a number of developments amongst providers and transformed the way in which the day to day running of an account is carried out.  The main area of progression being the development and launch of online facilities that allow both the member and the company to monitor their insurance plans at the touch of a button.

Website facilities have proven a big hit with group administrators and have empowered them to proactively manage their health insurance arrangements.  Downloading benefit details, claims reports and premium payments can be carried out without delay and detailed statistical analysis can assist administrators to make informed decisions at renewal.

The following table shows services provided from top local Hong Kong health insurance companies:

  AXA China Falcon Insurance Mass Mutual Liberty International
Insurance Rating AA A- AAA A
Online Claims
-Claim Submission Y N N N
-Claim Tracking Y N N N
-Email Claim Payment Advice Y Y Y Y
-Online Claim Enquiry N N N Y
-Tailor Made Claim Form N N N Y
Medical Network
-Hospital -Panel Doctor   1,000 GP/300 SP HMMP/QHMS 1,000 GP+SP HMMP/QHMS 2700 GP+SP   QHMS/HMMP/UCMG/UMP 1,000 Clinics UMP & QHMS
Claims Turn Around Time
-In-Patient 14-17 W/D 15 W/D 10 W/D 10-16 W/D
-Out-Patient 7-14 W/D 10 W/D 7 W/D 10-16 W/D
Emergency Assistance Provider
Online Employer Access
-Claim Reports Y N Y N
-Benefits Schedule Y N Y N
-Member details Y N Y N
-Newsletter Y N N N
-Claim Form Download Y Y Y N
-Premium Payment History N N Y N
Member Advice Hotline
  Y Y Y Y
Method of Payment
-Credit Card N N N N
-Cheque Y Y Y Y
-Bank Transfer Y Y Y Y
-Standing Order N Y N N
Group-Individual Transfer
  Y N N N