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It is that time again, we take a look at the new content on NowCompare and review some of the health insurance information and articles that have been added to the site.

NowCompare, the World's first international health insurance company is proud to provide services to the expat community in Hong Kong and Asia.

Here are some of the latest articles on NowCompare:

Health Insurance Brokers in Hong Kong

We take a look at some of the Hong Kong health insurance brokers, what they do, how they do it and the health insurance services they provide to expats.

Top Health Insurance Companies

If you are wondering which are the best health insurance companies in Hong Kong then this article is the one for you.

Hospital Plan

Expats in Hong Kong don't always want a full cover medical insurance, sometimes they just want a hospital cover.

What is health care plan

Details of what a health care plan is and what it covers.

Expat Insurance

Expats need a different type of health insurance to local residents of Hong Kong.  These international insurance plans provide very specific coverage tailored for the expat community.

Affordable Health Insurance

NowCompare helps expats reduce the cost of the health care cover and find more affordable health insurance.

International Health Insurance for Expats

Have you ever wondered what international health insurance is and why it is so popular amongs expatriate people in Hong Kong.

Health Insurance for Expats

Expats demand and need higher health insurance benefits, they require some very specific health insurance coverages.

Expat Health Care Insurance

How do expats in Hong Kong cover the cost of health care in Hong Kong

Expat Health Care Cover

What is expat health cover, what does expat health cover include and why do expats need it.

Health Insurance Services in Hong Kong

What type of services do health insurance companies provide their clients and how have these health insurance services developed over the years.

Health Insurance Rates 2013

The cost of health insurance changes and NowCompare announces which insurance companies will soon be changing their prices.

Finding the best Hong Kong Health Insurance.

So you are looking to find the best health insurance whilst you are living in Hong Kong, look no further.