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Top Health Insurance Companies

Finding the top health insurance companies in Hong Kong for expats is easy with NowCompare's online insurance comparison website.

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NowCompare is an online aggregator that helps expats in Hong Kong find the top health insurance companies. Apart from providing expats with the cost of health insurance, they can also review details about the insurance companies, what they cover and the services they provide.

Today, NowCompare has agreements with over 100 of the top health insurance companies that provide international insurance cover for expats.  This means that expats can get all the information they need in one easy to use location.

The website was put together by Alliance Insurance Services which is a member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association and is one of the premier insurance brokers in Hong Kong.

When it comes to the top health insurance companies in Hong Kong, NowCompare will work with most of them including Bupa International, InterGlobal, ALC Health and Cigna International.