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Thoughs from a health insurance broker by NowCompare

The World's first international health insurance comparison website for expats, NowCompare, has launched a new series of information based upon health insurance opinion.

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The series, somewhat like a blog sets out to give open, nothing held back opinion on topics from within the health insurance industry.  Also aimed at giving expats in Hong Kong straight forward thoughts and health insurance advice, the segment is written by a number of Hong Kong insurance brokers from different companies.

Health insurance has historically been a varied subject and it has been difficult to find open discussion on subjects about international insurance or health insurance brokers.

The first segments of the new health insurance information centre include:

Thoughts From a Health Insurance Broker:  About these thoughts

An introduction to the new health insurance blog

Thoughts From a Health Insurance Broker:  Health Insurance Brokers

Opinion on the different types of health insurance brokers in Hong Kong