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The Great Hong Kong Health Insurance Heist

Individuals, families and businesses in Hong Kong are paying too much for their international health insurance according to research carried out by Hong Kong broker Alliance Insurance Services.

The research found that premiums paid over the last year have increased by an average of 15% whilst benefits and services have remained level.

The study also found that only 10% of health insurance purchasers actually shopped around for the best deal at renewal and even those that employed the services of an insurance broker, were not being shown a comparison of the market as many brokers had a limited panel of insurance providers on contract.

Over recent years a number of international health insurers have entered the market, providing Hong Kong residents with a greater choice and ability to negotiate.  Today, insured members can now elect to include additional covers such as health checks, vaccinations, compassionate home travel and even legal expenses whilst reducing their costs.

Mike Ramsay, Chief Executive of Alliance, commented “it is amazing how varied the premiums can be with a family of four paying US$16,000 through one provider and the same family being quoted increased cover through another at US$7,000.  These savings of up to 60% can be made available to anyone if they simply compared the market.”

The study also found that the opportunities to save money was not limited to personal insurance with many insurance companies implementing higher group discounts for their existing and prospective corporate clients.

Mike Ramsay continued to say “It is not uncommon for a company to receive guaranteed group discounts of 45%.  The increased competition has meant that better deals have been made available and companies can really benefit from increased employee satisfaction by tailoring their benefits to their needs.”

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