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SwissCare International Health Insurance

SwissCare International Health Insurance :    Expats in Hong Kong can now get quotes for SwissCare through NowCompare.

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NowCompare, the leading provider of expatriate health insurance services in Hong Kong is pleased to announce the inclusion of SwissCare on the market comparison.

For the first time in Hong Kong, expats will be able to get quotes and review the benefits of the international health insurance provider SwissCare.

SwissCare is an international insurance provider that is experienced in providing expat health insurance around the World.

The SwissCare international private medical insurance plan is a welcomed addition to the NowCompare website and means that expats in Hong Kong now have even more choice when it comes to selecting an expat insurance plan.

SwissCare International Health Insurance :    Save

SwissCare may be considered by many as a Cheap Health Insurance but the fact is that expats in Hong Kong will be able to get some of the highest benefits available in the market.

There are a range of Healthcare Insurance options available within the suite of expatriate medical covers and all of these are available on NowCompare.

SwissCare International Health Insurance :    Maternity

One of the key areas in which SwissCare has proven itself is with the coverage under Pregancy Insurance Hong Kong which is among the best in the market.

The benefits and services found with SwissCare's Maternity Insurance Hong Kong goes beyond that of which is often found within an international healthcare plan.

SwissCare International Health Insurance :    Global

By focussing on International Health Insurance Plans for expatriates, the experience and market knowledge of SwissCare means that they have put together a plan that enables expatriates to get the cover they want.

Now that they have teamed up with NowCompare to deliver International Health Insurance in Hong Kong the team as SwissCare have become a popular choice in the market.

To get quotes on the SwissCare International Medical Insurance log onto NowCompare to find out how much you can save.