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Private Medical Insurance HK

There are so many different options available for people that are looking for private medical insurance in Hong Kong that it can be daunting.  That is why Alliance Group has launched NowCompare, the online health insurance comparison website.

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NowCompare has become an industry innovator when it comes to international health insurance, it is the World's first international health insurance comparison website and the premier source of expat health insurance information.

With over 200 medical insurance plans online, NowCompare allows expats to compare the best health insurance companies at the click of a button and within a matter of seconds.

Today, NowCompare only looks at expat health insurance for Hong Kong expats requiring a higher level of benefit limits on international insurance, however, it plans to introduce local Hong Kong health insurance in the near future.

Health Insurance Services

Apart from being able to get online health insurance quotes, NowCompare also assists the expat community with a series of added value health insurance services.  These include health insurance advice, and health insurance information.

Those that want to learn more or want to ask questions about health insurance can do so by contacting NowCompare.