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NowCompare Health Insurance Hong Kong 2012

We take a look at some of the latest Hong Kong health insurance content recently added to NowCompare for the reading pleasure of expats.

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Another busy week at NowCompare with many health insurance news being included or updated for the expat community and we also see another technical section added. 

New Content Includes:

Finding the Best Hong Kong Health Insurance

Simple tools and tips of getting the best expat cover in Hong Kong for you and your family

Finding International Health Insurance

The essential tool kit for expats requiring expat medical insurance

Global Medical Insurance Hong Kong

If you don't already know what Global Medical Insurance is or what it means for Hong Kong expats then read this article.

Family Health Insurance

If you are an expat family in Hong Kong, there is some great news for you relating to the cost of your health care insurance

Health Insurance for Children

Kids can now get cheap health insurance.  Major discounts and special offers that you won't want to miss.

Health Insurance Industry

Have you ever wondered how the market works, what makes up the cogs and who the players are, this tell all guide will open the door for you.

Broker Agent

Who knows the difference between an insurance broker and an agent.  We do, and after you read this, so will you.

Hong Kong Health Insurance Companies

Lets take a journey and navigate who the health insurance companies in Hong Kong are.

Health Insurance Hong Kong

I am surprised that this article has never been written before, especially with the usual content of NowCompare.  Well it has now.

Hong Kong Expat Health Insurance

There is such a huge gap between international insurance and local plans that if you are an expat and you are based in Hong Kong that you should know.  Please click through.

Expat Health Insurance Hong Kong

The title speaks for itself, dont really need to say more but I will recommend that you read on.

Get Health Insurance Hong Kong

Ok, so this is probably why you visited NowCompare in the first place and the reason why the site was put together.

Agent Broker

Which one do you want to use, your time to decide.  You better choose wisely as they are completely different.

Health Insurance Hong Kong

This is the latest techie part to the site with the new content including:  Best Health Insurance Companies, Types of Health Insurance and Global Medical Insurance