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New news at NowCompare

We take a look at what's new at NowCompare, the leading health insurance comparison website.

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Everday NowCompare is adding new health insurance content to the site so that expats in Hong Kong can get the best information.  We hope to add value to the service experience that expats receive and hope that every page that they view on NowCompare is useful.

Here is a look at some of the recent additions to NowCompare

NowCompare has added three more organisations to this section of the site:

Expat Health Insurance Companies:  InterGlobal International Private Medical Insurance

Expat Health Insurance Companies:  DKV Globality

Here we take a look at the companies and write a no holds barred review of their health insurance benefits.

NowCompare has also updated the thoughts from a health insurance broker section which is a blog type element to NowCompare writing about general insights into the industry.  The latest section is called:

Thoughts from a health insurance broker:  Health Insurance Companies

The editorial team at NowCompare has also been busy with their investigations and we have seen quite a few new stories which include:

How Much is Health Insurance in HK

A news article looking at how expats in Hong Kong can find out the cost of health insurance in Hong Kong.

Why Health Insurance and Medical Coverage is Essential in Hong Kong

This article looks at the reasons why expats in Hong Kong should invest in protecting their health and covering the costs of health care.

HK Health Insurance

A look at health insurance in Hong Kong and the different ways in which expats can compare the best insurance plans.

ALC Global Health Insurance Discounts

Announcements about new and exclusive discounts for expats in Hong Kong that have been included on NowCompare's online health insurance comparison site.