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Medical Plan

Medical Plan:  Getting the best medical insurance in place is essential for Hong Kong expats and NowCompare will help you with comparing the market and providing quotes on health insurance.

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Medical plans are a great way of ensuring you do not break the bank if you have to go into hospital for treatment.  Historically, they have been quite an expensive investment for expats in Hong Kong, however, with NowCompare the cost of a good medical plan has been brought down.

It is said that the average savings on a medical plan when arranged through NowCompare is about 30%.  With the ability to compare the best medical insurance plans and also with the exclusive negotiated discounts, it is probably quite a bit more.

NowCompare is now one of the largest providers of international insurance to expats in Hong Kong and is backed by one of Hong Kong's premier insurance brokers Alliance Insurance Services.

If you are a Hong Kong expat that needs a medical plan, then you can compare the market in a matter of seconds.

Compare expat medical insurance on NowCompare and find out how much you can save.