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Our aim at NowCompare is to keep expats in Hong Kong up to date with the latest information and news about international health insurance.  We keep our finger on the pulse and update expats with the latest goings on in the industry.

In addition, expats in Hong Kong can get health insurance quotes and compare the market within a matter of minutes.

Here is an overview of the latest news and information that has been recently published by NowCompare regarding Hong Kong Health Insurance:

Why using health comparison sites is essential to finding affordable health insurance

This is a look at comparison websites and how useful they have become especially for expatriates when they are trying to find the best health insurance quotes.

Best Health Insurance Quotes

An overview of how to find health insurance quotes from the best insurance companies in Hong Kong and how NowCompare has been supporting expats in Hong Kong.

Medical Insurance Quotes Online

If you are looking to compare medical insurance quotes online, then this article will provide you with the best solutions to comparing insurance commpanies.

Health Insurance Brokers Complain

It seems that NowCompare and Alliance Insurance Services have been creating quite a stir within the market.  Read more about why NowCompare has been such a hot topic of discussion.

Expat Health Care Costs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong expats should be aware of the costs they may incurr in the event of suffering and injury or illness and how health insurance can help them overcome these costs.

Find Global Health Insurance

International health insurance is a must for Hong Kong expatriates and this article looks out the best way in which expats can find global health insurance.

Global Medical Insurance

Have you ever wondered what global medical insurance is and how it benefits the Hong Kong expats.  This news story will help clarify everything you need to know about global medical insurance.

Expat Health Insurance

What is expat health insurance, what does it do and why is it so important for Hong Kong expats to get in place when they are living and working in Hong Kong.

Medical Insurance

Describes about medical insurance, and also shows you how you can get the best medical insurance quotes from the market.

Hong Kong Health Insurance

The industry for Hong Kong health insurance is very different to that of the international health insurance market and it is important for expats in Hong Kong to know why.

Cost of International Health Insurance

Have you ever wondered how much international health insurance costs or how you can save on the cost of international health insurance.  If so then this article is a must read.

Find International Health Insurance

Getting the best international health insurance is not the easiest of tasks when you are a Hong Kong expat, but we hope that this information will help expats navigate through.

International Health Insurance

What is global insurance and what does it do for expats.

About Alliance Insurance Services

NowCompare was developed by Alliance Insurance Services.  We take a look at the Hong Kong broker behind the massive savings that expatriates can receive online.

Finding Global Medical Insurance

So you have decided you want an international insurance cover for either yourself or your family.  Read on for everything you need to know in this subject.

Top Health Insurance Companies

Who are the tope health insurance companies, what do they do and how much do they charge for their health insurance.  All these questions and more are answered.

Health Insurance Brokers in Hong Kong

An overview of Hong Kong insurance brokers