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Medical Insurance HK:  Get cheaper health insurance and take advantage of the exclusive discounts that NowCompare has arranged for Hong Kong expats.

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If you are anything like me, you are going to want to get the best deal on your health insurance.  Having been an expat in many different countries and now settled in Hong Kong, I have had quite a bit of experience trying to find the best health insurance coverage.

One of the main problems I have faced is that when I talked to an insurance broker they rarely had more than one or two health insurance companies to show me.  This made me feel that I wasn't getting to see all the options available to me and that if I just went ahead with their recommendation I might be missing out on getting the best health insurance.

That is why NowCompare is so great.  The online system shows me everything at once and it is so quick and easy to use.  What's more, they have a support system of highly qualified insurance brokers that in place that if I do want to sit down and discuss any of the plans I can do so.