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Maternity Plans

Maternity Plans :   Find out the cost of maternity insurance in Hong Kong and compare the coverage offered by all the best maternity health insurance companies.

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Maternity plans are very popular amongst Hong Kong expats with the utilization of them being far higher than usual local populations.

In addition to the greater use of maternity plans, maternity insurance has become an essential purchase for Hong Kong expats due to the high maternity costs experienced by expats in Hong Kong.

The average cost of pregnancy for an expat in Hong Kong is around US$12,000 for the routine maternity costs charged by the medical facilities.  These maternity costs can be far greater, however, if complications are encountered during the pregnancy.

Hong Kong expats looking for a maternity plan will have a lot of choices and this coverage under expat health insurance is one of the sections that will vary the most from insurer to insurer.

Their are a number of areas that Hong Kong expats should look out for when comparing maternity health insurance and these include the overall maternity limit for routine maternity costs, complications to maternity limit, the maternity waiting period, any co-insurance or excesses for claims under the maternity insurance and also what is the maternity insurance companies position of both newborn cover and the coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions.

Expats can compare the maternity insurance coverage and also the costs of maternity insurance for the different health insurance companies online when they use NowCompare's online quote system.