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Maternity Insurance in Hong Kong

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Maternity insurance is one of the most popular types of health insurance for expats in Hong Kong and is also one of the most used insurance coverages in the expat community.  Getting the best maternity health insurance is important for expats in Hong Kong because the cost of pregnancy in Hong Kong is among the highest in the World.

Their are a number of international health insurance companies in Hong Kong that provide maternity insurance and the maternity coverage that they provide can differ dramatically. 

First of all, it is important to note that the average cost of a pregnancy in Hong Kong is around US$12,000 if it is done through private health care.  This is an important first step in knowing this as one of the first decisions you need to make when trying to find maternity insurance is how much benefit limit you want your maternity insurance plan to have.

The health insurance companies will typically provide between US$4,000 and unlimited amounts on the total overall maternity insurance.  It is usually recommended to avoid any maternity insurance that is under US$10,000.

Next, look at what the waiting period is on the maternity insurance.  A waiting period is the amount of time after you purchase your maternity insurance that needs to go by before you can make a claim. 

Also a concideration on maternity insurance is if that cover for pregnancy has any co-insurance.  More often now they do not but their are still a few health insurance companies out their that include it to limit their costs.

Maternity Coverage

Maternity insurance coverage under the routine materniy will normally include pre-natal, post natal and normal pregancy delivery costs.  If you are looking to arrange maternity insurance you should also check to see what maternity cover is included for any complications that arise during the maternity case and also what cover is included for the new born.