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Maternity Insurance

Maternity Insurance :   If you are planning to have a baby whilst you're an expat in Hong Kong then maternity insurance is essential.

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Having a baby in Hong Kong can be expensive, the average cost for an expatriate is US$12,000 and that is if their are no complications.

Infact, maternity health insurance claims are among the most expensive for health insurance companies around the World and the World's most expensive claim on health insurance was for problems encountered during pregnancy.

Most international health insurance companies will have an option to include maternity insurance within the health insurance coverage but Hong Kong expats looking for maternity insurance should be careful when they select a maternity insurance plan for themselves.

There are a number of considerations for Hong Kong expats when selecting the best maternity insurance with the main elements to look at being the overall maternity insurance benefit limits and also the waiting period on the maternity insurance.

As a rule of thumb, Hong Kong expats should look to have at least US$10,000 of maternity insurance coverage for routine maternity, full cover for complications to pregnancy and a waiting period with a conception period 12 months or less.

One of the most popular plans for maternity insurance is from the international health insurance company DKV Globality that provides full cover on both routine maternity and also complications.

If you are an expat in Hong Kong and require maternity insurance, then you can compare all the best maternity insurance plans online with NowCompare.