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International Insurance :   Did you know that you could pay less this year for your international health insurance than you did last year.

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Sounds strange doesn't it, international insurance premiums, all insurance premiums, tend to go up each year, but it is true.

NowCompare has created a perfect competitive combination of factors that means that the international health insurance premiums that you could be paying for you health care coverage will likely see a decrease this year over lasts.

How it has happened is quite simple; first of all, NowCompare shows you all of the international insurance companies available to expats in Hong Kong which creates a competitive environment when it comes to the cost of international insurance.

In addition, with the volume of business that NowCompare carries out in the international insurance market, discounts have now been awarded to those expats in Hong Kong that compare international health and arrange their internation insurance through NowCompare.

Ultimately, what this has meant is the cost of international insurance has come down.  In real terms the savings on international insurance for Hong Kong expats is around 30%.