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International Insurance for Hong Kong Expats

International Insurance :   Hong Kong expats that want to get the best international health insurance at the lowest prices can compare coverage and prices of health insurance online.

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International insurance is specifically designed for expats and is needed by Hong Kong expatriates to cover the high costs of Hong Kong health care.

International Insurance is unique in the way the health insurance is constructed in that it features both higher levels of medical insurance coverage but also expanded levels of health insurance services.

These higher health insurance benefits recognise the fact that Hong Kong expats will not receive the subsidized health care that local Hong Kong nationals do whilst the expanded health insurance services reflect the global mobility of Hong Kong expats not only as business travellers but also that they may relocate around the World or even back permanently to their home country.

International health insurance has a reputation for being expensive however, Hong Kong expats are able to get cheaper international insurance through NowCompare.