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International Health Insurance Plans :    Save on the cost of your healthcare insurance coverage with NowCompare.

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Compare the top international health insurance plans online with NowCompare and get the best deals on your coverage.

When it comes to comparing international health insurance plans, their is no better way of finding the ideal coverage than by using an online international health insurance comparison website like NowCompare.

NowCompare has been nominated as the best expat service provider in Asia and this is a testament to the team that provides services on international health insurance plans for the expat community in Hong Kong.

Not only is NowCompare the World's first international health insurance comparison website but it is also the premier provider of expat health insurance services in Hong Kong.

International Health Insurance Plans :    Expats

Expats in China that want to find and compare Health Insurance Companies will be able to get the best deals on their International Health Insurance with NowCompare.

It is important that expats choose the right kind of Insurance Plans if they want to have adequate protection in place.

The most important thing to know is that expats in Hong Kong need to have an Expat Insurance as the cover of a local Hong Kong Health Insurance

International Health Insurance Plans :    Cover

Their are key differences between Expat Health Insurance and local Health Insurance Hong Kong and it is vital that expats in Hong Kong know what these differences are.

The first thing to know is that Expat Health Insurance Hong Kong is specifically tailored for the expatriate community and that the coverage provided on Expat Health Insurance in Hong Kong is meant to provide enough benefits to cover the costs that expatriates might incurr in a Hong Kong medical facility.

International Health Insurance in Hong Kong has a number of elements of coverage that can not be found in local Medical Insurance Hong Kong including the likes of Maternity Insurance Hong Kong

International Health Insurance Plans :    Companies

When it comes to selecting one of the Hong Kong Health Insurance Companies expats will be able to choose from either Expat Health Insurance Companies or from Medical Insurance Companies

NowCompare, as the premier international health insurance comparison site has all of the top Insurance Plans from all of the top health insurance companies.

Some of these providers include:

Aetna Hong Kong :    An American company that provides international health insurance plans in Hong Kong and around the World.

ALC Global Health Insurance :    A niche provider of international health insurance plans

Allianz Worldwide Care :    Which is part of the global insurance company Allianz

Bupa International :    The international health insurance division of Bupa, one of the largest providers of Medical Insurance in the World.

DKV Globality Hong Kong :    A specialist provider of international health insurance plans

InterGlobal :    A dedicated provided of international private medical insurance services to expats in Hong Kong.

William Russell :    An expat insurance company with over 20 years experience providing international health insurance plans to the expatriate community.

International Health Insurance Plans :    Costs

Expatriates that want to find Cheap Health Insurance will be able to find it on NowCompare.  Expats that want to save on the cost of their cover can use Health Insurance Brokers

As one of the premier Insurance Brokers in Hong Kong, NowCompare can help expats get the best international health insurance plans.