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International Health Insurance for Expats

International Health Insurance for Expats is a type of private medical cover that pays for the expenses incurred in the event of an injury or illness.

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International insurance is very important for expats in Hong Kong because the cost of health care in Hong Kong is expensive.  Infact, Hong Kong rates as arguably the second or third most expensive place in the World for health care.

Many expats in Hong Kong have been left unsupported in the past when they have had to find the money to pay for health care as they have been unaware of the need to have international health insurance.

Quite often, expats will arrange a local Hong Kong health insurance cover for themselves as this is a cheaper insurance plan but what they do not know a lot of the time is that Hong Kong medical cover will have lower limits of cover and is specifically developed for Hong Kong local nationals that can receive subsidized health care.

International health insurance on the other hand gives expats in Hong Kong peace of mind as it will provide higher benefit levels.  In some cases, like DKV Globality which is a international private medical insurance company, the cover can be unlimited.

One of the common health insurance benefits that expats in Hong Kong take advantage of is the maternity insurance.  Maternity health insurance pays the costs of routine deliveries including pre-natal and post-natal delivery.  

Maternity insurance will also often have health care cover in place for woman just in case they experience a complication with the pregancy and need emergency maternity treatment.