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Welcome to NowCompare, where expats can compare international coverage instantly online.

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If you are an expat in Hong Kong and are looking to find the best international health insurance plan, you have come to the right place.  NowCompare has the widest range of international insurance providers in Hong Kong and has become one of the most popular resources for expats.

International health insurance is a special type of private health insurance cove that has been put together for expats.  Also known as international private medical insurance, the coverage provides a higher level of cover that would ordinarily be found on a local Hong Kong health insurance plan.

International health insurance also recognises the need for expats to have cover that allows them to receive health care treatment around the World.  This international aspect of the cover reflects the global mobility of expats.

What is International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance in Hong Kong is a type of cover that provides expatriates with a superior level of cover than that of which they may find in the country in which they are resident.

International health insurance provides greater coverage than that of which can be found on a local Hong Kong Health Insurance plan and also includes services that are suited to the lifestyle of expats in Hong Kong.

International health insurance is an Expat Health Insurance that includes a number of international insurance options with the plan so that expats can choose the type of cover that they want.

In all, these plans fall within the category of International Insurance and there are a number of policies that fall within this product definition.

Where to find International Health Insurance

Expats can get quotes and find out the cost of international health insurance by either going to one of the Health Insurance Companies or by using one of the brokers in Hong Kong.

Health Insurance Brokers should be able to compare all of the products in the market and they should have terms of business in place with all of the best organisations so that they can access their products and services on behalf of the expatriate community.

The best way to compare international health insurance is on NowCompare who will give the most comprehensive comparison of International Health Insurance Hong Kong and will be able to show these plans in an independent way.

Cost of International Health Insurance

Expat Health Insurance in Hong Kong costs can vary dependent on the type of international health insurance that is chosen.  Hong Kong expats that want to arrange affordable health caver can do so online with NowCompare.

By doing this, the expatriate people in Hong Kong will be able to take out Cheap Health Insurance through NowCompare and not waste their money on overly expensive products and services.

International Health Insurance :    Save

Finding the best Expat Insurance can be an expensive task for expatriates in Hong Kong and the cost of an international health insurance plan can spiral out of control.

Thankfully, NowCompare is doing its bit for the expatriate community by helping them find the Private Health Insurance that they need to have at a premium that is affordable.

International Health Insurance :    Plans

No matter if it is Family Health Insurance or a policy that has specialist benefits within the cover like maternity then all of the top plans are online with NowCompare.

Arranging one of these international health insurance policies takes just a few moments and is so simple that you will truly be surprised.

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If you are an expat in Hong Kong and want to have an international health insurance plan in place for whatever reason, then NowCompare can help you get quotes and save of the premiums.

Get quotes on your international health insurance today with NowCompare and find out how much you can save.

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If you want to get quotes on international health insurance then click onto the most visited broker website in Hong Kong and find out what savings are available to you.

NowCompare, 98% of expatriates save.

We are pleased to announce that NowCompare has become the most visited broker website in Hong Kong, a testament to the international health insurance products and services provided by the team.

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These offers have been put in place by all of the World's best international health insurance companies so that everybody living as an expatriate can finally afford to get the essential coverage that they need to have in place.

We have added more plans to the international health insurance comparison and Hong Kong expats will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right coverage.

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