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Instant Health Insurance Quotes:  For so long Hong Kong broker websites have been claiming to provide instant online health insurance quotes, but at last, with NowCompare, Hong Kong expats can compare the market in a matter of seconds.

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Before NowCompare expats could not get online health insurance prices in an instant, they were often led to believe that the website they entered could show them the best health insurance companies but once they entered their personal details they we shown a page saying that someone would be in touch.

Still today, NowCompare is unique, espeically for Hong Kong expats.  The site is dedicated to providing what visitors want in an instant, it is focussed on saving on the cost of medical cover.

At the moment NowCompare only services the expat market but that will all change soon when local Hong Kong health insurance plans will be added and the site itself will be translated into chinese.

So, if you want to get instant health insurance quotes then you have come to the right place.