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HongKong Expat Health Insurance

Recently arrived expatriates in Hong Kong will find that NowCompare is a great resource for them to find the best health insurance plans for them.

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Their is a lot for HongKong expats to think about when they get on the ground in Hong Kong.  Join a gym, open a bank account, sign up to a mobile phone and find health insurance.

NowCompare can not help expats join a gym, well at the moment they can't anyway, but what they certainly can do is assist HongKong expats find a health insurance plan that will protect their financial and physical wellbeing.

HongKong expats can rest assured that NowCompare will be able to support them in their quest for private medical insurance.  With well over 90% of the local HongKong and international insurance market having terms of business with the comparison site, HongKong expats will be able to find the perfect plan for them.

What's more, NowCompare is completely free to use.   Expats in HongKong do not need to pay for the services they receive from NowCompare; infact, they will save on the cost of health insurance because of the amazing discounts that the company has negotiated.

In addition, NowCompare goes beyond just comparing health insurance online, HongKong expats can also get advice from a qualified Hong Kong broker and tailor the cover to their lifestyle.