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HK Review: Health Insurance Hong Kong

NowCompare recently launched a new information service within their technical health insurance section of the website.  The new section is called "Health Insurance Hong Kong".

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We take a look at what has been included within "Health Insurance Hong Kong" so far:

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Introduction

This is an overview and an introduction to this new section of the website.

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Best Health Insurance Companies

This section looks at the types of medical insurance companies there are in Hong Kong and who can sometimes be considered the best.

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Types of Health Insurance

Types of cover that you might find available for you to buy if you are an expat resident in Hong Kong.

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Global Medical Insurance

Looks at the international health care market in Hong Kong and the companies that have plans available for purchase.

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Compare Cover

A step by step guide to comparing the best health insurance plans in Hong Kong.

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Buy Online

New technologies are changing the way in which expats in HK can buy their coverage, this looks at how it has already changed and what the future holds.

Health Insurance Hong Kong:  Making Claims

Another guide for the Hong Kong health insurance industry, this time explaining the technical process involved in the making of a claim.

Please feel free to check out all the new content on NowCompare, we are here to support Hong Kong expats.