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Health Insurance Website :    NowCompare, the online health insurance comparison provider becomes the most visited broker website in Hong Kong.

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NowCompare, the World's first international insurance comparison site has now become the most visited broker website overall in Hong Kong.

It was recently announced that over 65% of expatriates searching for Health Insurance Hong Kong visit NowCompare and the latest news is another reason for the team over at NowCompare to celebrate their increasing success of gaining market share.

Much of this success has been brought about by NowCompare's ability to compare the entire market by having an extensive network of Health Insurance Companies in Hong Kong and also by having special offers in place with many of these organisations.

These factors combined have meant that the offer of International Health Insurance by NowCompare has become among the most attractive for expatriates and has rocketed the website to being the premier go to avenue for the expat community in Hong Kong.

To find International Health Insurance Plans in Hong Kong compare the market online and join the thousands of people who have already saved.