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We take a look at some of the content on NowCompare relating to medical insurance, or international health insurance.

Insurance for Pregnant Women

A look at maternity insurance in Hong Kong and the need for coverage when having a baby.

Best Medical Insurance in Hong Kong

A look at the best medical insurance and how to find the best medical insurance in Hong Kong.

Major Medical Insurance

What is major medical insurance and what purpose does it serve for expats in Hong Kong.

Expat Medical Insurance Hong Kong

The type of medical insurance in Hong Kong that is usually arranged by expats.

Hong Kong Medical Insurance Plans

Expats in Hong Kong have a number of choices and options available to them when they are searching for the best Hong Kong medical insurance plans.

Medical Insurance Hong Kong Cost

What is the cost of medical insurance in Hong Kong and how do expats in Hong Kong get medical insurance quotes.

Permanent Health Insurance

Find, get quotes and compare permanent health insurance in Hong Kong.

Medical Insurance Online

The best way to get medical insurance in Hong Kong is by comparing the medical insurance market online with NowCompare.

Personal Health Insurance

Individuals that need personal health insurance can do so with the World's best international health Insurance comparison website, NowCompare.

ALC Health Insurance

ALC Health Insurance is a specialist international private medical insurance coverage company that provides health insurance cover to expats all around the World.

Medical Coverage

What is medical coverage and why is it so important that expats in Hong Kong have it in place.

Overseas Medical Insurance

Overseas Medical Insurance is a type of medical insurance coverage that is arranged by expats when they move to Hong Kong.

William Russell Hong Kong

William Russell is a health insurance company that provide international health insurance cover to expats in Hong Kong.

DKV Insurance

DKV Insurance is an international health insurance plan that is managed by DKV Globality and underwritten by Munich Re

Medical Insurance Company

Medical Insurance Companies are companies that provide medical insurance coverage to expats in Hong Kong.

Hospital Insurance Hong Kong

Hospital insurance is a basic type of health insurance plan that is also known as Major Medical Insurance cover.

International Private Medical Insurance

International Private Medical Insurance gives expats in Hong Kong global medical insurance coverage that allows them to receive treatment in Private Medical Facilities.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is a medical insurance that allows expats in Hong Kong to get medical care in a private hospital.