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Health Insurance Is It Worth It

You may ask yourself: health insurance is it worth it?  Their is undoubtedly a cost to buying health insurance but if it is a question of finances then these cost should be held up in comparison to the cost of receiving medical care.

If you are an expat in Hong Kong, then you will not be able to receive the same subsidized health care that a local Hong Kong national would so it is important that you do get some kind of health insurance.

First of all, you need to answer for yourself what would give you peace of mind as this is one of the great benefits of health insurance.  For some, it might be that they do not want to face crippling bills in the event of a major medical incident and under these circumstances, health insurance may not be too expensive.  

You can always tailor the type of medical plan to your exact needs whether it be a major medical policy with semi-private room and an excess to a full cover policy.

If in doubt, you should get some health insurance advice from an insurance broker like NowCompare.  NowCompare will show you the benefits and premiums of the best health insurance companies in Hong Kong, but as part of the Alliance Group, you can also get health insurance advice from one of the specialist health insurance advisors.