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If you are looking for Health Insurance in Hong Kong then you have a number of alternative types of medical covers to choose from.

First of all their is a local Hong Kong health insurance plan which has been developed specifically for local Hong Kong nationals.  It is one of the cheapest types of cover in the market but has some serious limitations to the cover and overall policy limits are not sufficient for expats or for those requiring high end private health insurance.

On the other end of the scale is the International Health Insurance plan which is the preferred choice of expatriates.  The global health insurance policy allows expats the freedom to choose the medical care they want at the medical facilities of their choice anywhere in the World.  

International health insurance plans will include very much higher levels of cover than their Hong Kong counterparts with upper policy limits in the millions of US Dollars and full cover for many of the benefits contained within.

One of the key areas of international health insurance that is preferred by expats is the level of Maternity Insurance Hong Kong that they include which is well above the local plans.

Although international health insurance does cover very much more and to a higher amount, they are also very much more expensive.

The third kind, and a relatively new entry to the market is the hybrid health insurance policy that is a cost effective alternative to the international health insurance plans.  The hybrid will allow Worldwide coverage and Private Health Insurance, but they do include internal policy limits so you can't always get the most expensive treatment out their.

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